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Digital Signage Solutions


In an increasingly competitive market, digital signage enables retailers, restaurants, governments and small business in general to keep ahead in an ever changing world.

For example, by using digital signage, restaurant managers are able to incorporate full-motion video into their menu displays and instantly update content to account for product and price changes for a single location or multiple locations.

KB Media’s dynamic digital signage solution is a must for those who are considering installing digital signage in Restaurants, Cafés, Hotel Lobbys, Retail Establishments, Convenient Stores, Bank Lobbys or Educational and Government Institutions. Real-life examples of how digital signage can be used in a number of different environments, such as on Ferries, in Gas Stations, Hotels or Universities, illustrate the benefits of digital signage including:

  • 30-35% sales uplift by showing targeted information to relevant customers
  • Entertaining customers while they wait
  • Better communication with customers, students and employees
  • Image reinforcement to elevate the overall perception
  • Promotion of ‘specials’ and themed menus

Environmentally friendly solution to advertising.

Fast and efficient way of getting your message across.

KB Media will provide your establishment with a complete HD retail promotional display solution, a broadcast quality network connected HD media player, mounting hardware and a programming package that is guaranteed to entertain and inform your customers while reducing the perceived waiting time.

This amazing commercial display solution can be managed via either wireless or an Ethernet connection. There are no complex installation requirements, simply decide the most visible location in your establishment, turn it on and begin to  communicate your message and sell more products.


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